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Genetics 000
Dark Colors

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HorseColors ...

...seeks to address the wide spectrum of horse color interests of the equine community.  Illustrative photographs; clear descriptions of, and simple artwork depicting, the various colors; the basics of genetics, illustrated; how specific horse colors are inherited; identifying horse colors and coat patterns; how to breed for the color you want; and more.


The webmaster would prefer to use the photographs of one photographer to illustrate all of these pages, plus populate a "Gallery" of their most beautiful horse color pictures.  If you would be interested in providing those photographs for this site, in exchange for full credit and free advertising, please contact the webmaster.  This is a free, educational web site.  If a book is published, it will be handled separately.

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This web is structured to provide a simple, well-illustrated, intuitively organized flow of information. To get the most out of it, simply follow that flow, by beginning with Genetics 000  and then progressing through Pigment, Agouti, Dark Bases, Dilutions and White.  We believe that the diagrams, artwork and, eventually, the beautiful photography will make that journey enjoyable as well as educational!

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