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Dark Colors


Color Breeding Guides

Breeding the Dark colors:  chestnut, bay, brown, black

Breeding the Cream colors:  palomino, buckskin, brown buckskin, smoky black, cremello, perlino, brown cream, smoky cream

Breeding the Dun colors: red dun, dun, brown dun, grulla

Breeding the Dun + Cream combinations: dunalino, dunskin, smoky brown dun, smoky grulla

Breeding the Champagne colors:  gold, amber, sable, classic

Breeding the Champagne + Cream combinations: gold cream, amber cream, sable cream, classic cream

Breeding the Champagne + Dun combinations: gold dun, amber dun, sable dun, classic dun

Breeding the Silver colors: red silver, black silver

Breeding the Pearl Colors: red pearl, bay pearl, brown pearl, black pearl

Breeding the Pearl-Cream colors: palomino pearl, buckskin pearl, brown buckskin pearl, smoky black pearl

Breeding the Pinto (Paint) colors:

Breeding the  Leopard complex colors:

Breeding the Roan colors:

Breeding Miscellaneous  colors:

Breeding the   colors:


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