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Genetics 000
Dark Colors

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Cremello: two cream genes + red

ee (any agouti) CrCr

Whereas one cream gene on a red produces a Palomino,
two cream genes on red create a cremello.
See the Color Chart,  or our interactive educational color page.

Click thumbnails to see full-size pictures. These owners' names, email and web links were recorded in approx. 2001.

count.jpg (5692 bytes)Accountabull
Owned by Carolyn, foundation AQHA bred, his AQHA registered sire is The Golden Bull, 2626711, 1986 Palomino stallion; his AQHA registered DAM is Sheza Ivory Bull. Click his name to learn more about him and see more pictures.

True Blue McCue
Owned by Wendy Bockman

blue-eyed-paradise.jpg (32364 bytes)Blue Eyed Paradise 
of Cross Five Ranch 
Owned by Natalie Nelson
Click his name and the ranch name, each, to learn more about him and see more pictures.

wpe1.jpg (4169 bytes)Im Krys-Tal Klear 
Owned by "PJ"

Smoky black & cream.jpg (31260 bytes)"My Magnolia Mae" APHA reg #523,319 out of AQHA Iza Classy Kitten  smoky black mare: this mare must have a cream gene because it takes one from each parent to produce a double-cream foal like this.  Tina Balderston owns the filly. Her sire is "The Dalles Cowboy", a palomino Paint stallion.

wpeD.jpg (18354 bytes)wpe22.jpg (22158 bytes)Ghost: This colt was for sale by Ken Cooper, who said he "is a real nice yearling cremello stud whose AQHA sire King Tucks Reward is a grandson of POCO BUENO out of a daughter of GAY BAR KING. His AQHA dam is the grand- daughter of ZIPPO PINE BAR and has a lot of SKIPPER W breeding on her papers!"

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