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Palomino: red + one cream gene

ee (any agouti) Crcr

A Palomino "would have been" a chestnut or sorrel, but it got a cream gene from one of its parents.  One cream gene acts on a red (chestnut/sorrel) base to make the mane and tail hairs nearly white, and the body hairs a shade of "gold".

Palominos' various shades range from the lightest ivory color, or "Isabella" palominos (see "Doc", below), to the darkest "chocolate" palominos (see 3 pictures at bottom). The ideal is the color of a gold coin.

Most palominos are lighter in winter than in summer.
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jack2.jpg (85371 bytes)  Jack.jpg (93128 bytes)
"Jack"; AQHA Jumpin Jack Kid Tanglewood Farms.  Owned by Susan Prouty;  seasonal differences in color shown.

freds pic1.jpg (65061 bytes)  Fred1.jpg (140548 bytes)
Skip R Imprint (Fred ) AQHA, seasonal color differences shown;
owned by Troy Kurth of Montana.

MRJBDUDE_.jpg (50903 bytes)Mr JB Dude
AQHA reg. Quarter Horse, owned by Barbara Burton

Doc-grazing.jpg (92555 bytes)Docs Dewin Time "Doc"
AQHA reg. Quarter Horse. Owned by Rev. J. Kostelnik.

Various "chocolate" (sooty) palominos.  Silver, dark palomino, and flaxen chestnut can sometimes be confused, visually. 

chocpalosusan.jpg (43803 bytes)   cinnabargold2.jpg (36990 bytes)   darkpaloMorgan.jpg (78056 bytes)   wpe2F.jpg (6418 bytes)

If you make it a rule to never jump to conclusions, your ability to determine a horse's actual color will increase.

Palomino Horse Breeders of America

Palomino Horse Association

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