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Dun on Red

ee (any agouti) Dn_ = red dun

A red horse (chestnut or sorrel) with a Dun gene is commonly called a Red Dun.  In this dilution, the gene acts on the red body of the horse to make it a muted light red or orangey color, often called "apricot" in tone.  The points remain red to reddish brown, and the dorsal stripe and leg barring are reddish brown.  Some red duns are quite dark, almost the same color as a light chestnut, but a close examination will reveal the darker-still dun markings.  Others are very light, a pale peach color.  The differences are believed to be due to the shade of the underlying base color, i.e., whether the horse would have been a light sorrel, red chestnut, or dark liver chestnut without the addition of the Dun gene.

tanner.jpg (34809 bytes)

Red dun colt, Tanner

tanner_face.jpg (14729 bytes)

Tanner's face and ear markings

tanner_dorsal.jpg (29400 bytes)

Tanner provides a good example of a red dun's dorsal stripe from the rear, and also leg barring

Although these are quite good, still, hopefully,
many more - professional - photos coming.


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