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Dark Colors

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(See "NEWS", below)

Your Work Displayed Here -- ?

If you are a professional equine photographer, and you believe that you have photos of every horse color, and/or are willing to add to your collection as needed, and would like a "free" showcase for your work, please contact this webmaster by clicking here.  You will be given full credit for every photo, and a few pages of your own here, on this web site, to use as you wish to advertise/showcase your work; however, since access to this site is free, the webmaster is unable to pay a photographer.  Positive publicity, and the opportunity to perform an educational service, is all I can offer FOR THE WEB SITE PHOTO USE (see p.s.).  Please click here if you may be that person!  Thank you!

p.s. there is going to come a book out of this web site; I would like to use the same photographer for both; may be self-publishing (with which we have extensive experience).  I will pay for use of a professional photographer's photos if they are used in a book!

p.p.s. Please don't misunderstand; I've been online, talking to people about horse colors, looking at their photos, and traveling to their farms, and attending horse expos, etc.,  since the late 90's, taking pictures, asking questions, etc.  I could easily fill this site with appropriate photos.  But I'd rather have a professional share the site with me, and I'd like it to be a person who would want to see a beautiful, accurate, understandable and up-to-date horse color book published.

If that's not going to happen, then I'll give all of the aforementioned friends I've made over the years some free publicity by using and crediting and linking, etc., photos of their horses.

NEWS: due to the great availability and widespread use of DNA color testing, I'm concerned that readers might only find photos of DNA color tested horses to be "credible".  If you have a personal preference about this, please EMAIL ME and share that preference with me.  I may find that things have changed to the point where I "need" to use DNA test color confirmed horses' photos "only" (or as many as are available.)  Thanks for your input!

Where's "The Gallery?"

Lord willing, this page (and no doubt quite a few subsequent) will eventually display the "prettiest" of the photos from the rest of the web site.  I'm not going to put any old photos I already have on here, for now; I'm looking for a high-quality equine photographer to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase his or her work. 

If none is interested, then I'll be looking for individuals who would like to have their horses/farms featured on this site -- and/or in a book!


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