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A very personal letter from "Pastor Barb" 

Dear DunGenes Web Site Visitors,

I'm a Bible-believing, Spirit-filled Christian.  Some of you know that I'm also an ordained minister.  Most of my "ministry" has consisted of accompanying my husband when he preaches, at local churches and worldwide.  I've seen many miracles, proving the Bible, true all over the world; and in my own life the Bible has proven to be true, also.  You can see more of our history (over 30 years), and our current ministry, here:  http://www.gtm.org. (G.T.M. stands for Gospel Truth Ministries, incorporated in March of 1980.)

I see no problem reconciling all of the types and colors of horses in the world today with creation. God could have easily created each of the older breeds and colors separately --- but it wouldn't have mattered!

Why not? Well, long after creation, the Bible says God told Noah to take two of each kind of animal into the ark. Do you think he took two of every color and every breed of horse?  I don't.  I assume he took two of whatever animal he knew as "horse".  He surely took two donkeys. He may also have taken two of several other kinds of equines -- maybe ponies and draft-types were considered different animals in his day. But of course, this is all speculation.

My point is, there is no reason why the diversity we see today could not have occurred (naturally AND man-made) after the flood waters subsided. So, "primitive", in the horse world, may simply mean "existed at the time of the flood or soon after". And eohippus and his friends were probably already extinct by the time of the Great Flood.  Maybe unicorns, too.

Just wanted to give my opinion, which is from a Biblical point of view, on these wonderful color varieties... .  :-)  

Sometimes, science catches up a little closer with the truth that's been there along in God's Word.

(sometimes aka BarK)
Rev. Barbara A. Kostelnik, Th.M.

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