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Dun horses can have a wide variety of body colors, depending upon which other color genes they carry, other variables like the seasons, and even sunlight.

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Rick To A Tee right face 1-2-04.JPG (37734 bytes)Rick To A Tee 2 left 1-2-04.JPG (59597 bytes)

This is a 2 year old filly belonging to Haas QH's, Rick to a Tee.  She has a clear, bright body color.

wpe4A.jpg (32742 bytes) wpe4C.jpg (13545 bytes) 

Punkin, a red dun filly by Legend of Pride, of Amarugia Horses.  Her owner says she was sooty all over... she passed away at 6 months. The photo of her moving is during shedding.

Go_Copper_Glo.jpg (256510 bytes)

The late dun stallion Go Copper Glo, courtesy of Marjena Bass.

blueberry3.jpg (80879 bytes)

Silver Grulla mare, Blueberry, owned by Nancy Nard, Ragtime Morgans

Tiffany_dun_apple.jpg (69364 bytes)

Ladybug, a fine dun QH mare owned by Tiffany Steele of Cincinnati, OH (riding in chin-and-apple contest)

dunalino_rear.jpg (222117 bytes)

"Reba" (Im Not Dun Struttin), registered with AQHA /IBHA as a red dun. Pic shows her at 8 months old. Her mane is still white, the bars on her legs are more distinct, and her dorsal is more pronounced. When she was foaled, her mane, tail and dorsal were flaming red (hence the name "Reba"), and her body was cream. She's owned by Marjena Bass, Florida. Flaxen red dun.

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