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See the DunGenes.org page about this all-dun breed here : Sorraias

Sovina the Sorraia

Sovina was the first Sorraia to set foot on North American soil since the first settlers came over from Europe.  He was imported and is still owned by Erin Gray of Nature's Mustangs in Mulina, Oregon.

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Many of these pictures of Sovino are from the Festival of Andalusians 2002 . His tail had broken, and, though it was splinted, he fussed at it and it didn't heal properly, and had to be amputated.  It was long and full before that.

To see more of him and his progeny, check out http://www.sorraias.com/ and click on his name.

(Erin was calling him "Sovino" for a while to minimize confusion about his gender.)

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