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Specific breeds have specific "relationships" with the dun gene.

QH duns
Kiger Mustang
Spanish Sulphur
Highland Ponies
Morgan Duns
Tennessee Walkers
Donkey Dun

It has never been documented in the Arabian, Thoroughbred, Standardbred, American Shetland Pony, American Saddlebred, and some other (input welcome) breeds.

The Sorraia horse of Portugal is always dun, as are Fjordhorses and Kiger Mustangs (ideally).

It has not been documented among the many striped horses of Andalusian breeding.

Other breeds, such as the American Quarter Horse, American Paint Horse, Mustang, Morgan Horse, Lusitano, and Akhal-Teke, have varying percentages of dun horses among their ranks.

Click on the links to the various breeds' pages, at right or below, to find out what their "dun status" is. 

For information about any ongoing controversy and confusion about which breeds "can" have dun individuals, click here. (This is at least one year behind the times, sorry.)

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