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The Sorraia

(Pronounced "sor - EYE - uh")

The Sorraias, named for the valley where they were running wild in Portugal, are, to me, "the guardian angels of dun".  They are an endangered and rare breed, and are being conserved now. This photo, which is also the background for this web site, used with permission of Dr. Maria Del Oom.

They are believed by some scientists to be the few remaining descendants of one of the original four (wild) horse types. They're now cared for in a semi wild state in Portugal, with a small number in Germany, and two in the USA.

Sorraia web references:

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Extreme Sorraia type stallion. Photo received, with permission, from Hardy Oelke.  Also seen on page 62 of his book, Born Survivors on the Eve of Extinction.  Hardy believes this is one of the finest examples of the primitive horse alive.  This horse was later gelded.

The Sorraia in America

This is Sovina, the first Sorraia to set foot on American soil.  He was imported to the USA by Erin Gray of Nature's Mustangs in  Oregon (south of Portland).  

Photo at left is him as a yearling. He has filled out a lot now!   This webmaster visited Sovina in November 2003 and took photos, but he was getting wooly, and was out at pasture, so I'll leave these, taken by others, to represent him. 

Sovina's brother is also in America.  I hope to add info about him, too, some day.

Sovino (alternate spelling) at Festival of Andalusians 2002 .  (His tail was broken, and it didn't heal properly, and had to be amputated.  It was long and full before that.)   To see more of him and his progeny, check out http://www.sorraias.com/ and click on his name, etc.

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