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These are horses belonging to people who were active on this list in 2001.

marys_filly_dorsal.jpg (19476 bytes) Mary's filly Kissy's dorsal area.  Apparently a sorrel with some contershading, not a dun.
marys_filly_dorsal_rear.jpg (25461 bytes) Mary's filly Kissy's dorsal shading from rear.
tanner.jpg (34809 bytes) Mary's red dun colt, Tanner
tanner_face.jpg (14729 bytes) Tanner's face and ear markings
tanner_dorsal.jpg (29400 bytes) Tanner again. Great example of a red dun's dorsal stripe from the rear and also leg barring.
Sorraia.jpg (54191 bytes) The Sorraia stallion Sovina, owned by Nature's Mustangs
I *think* these are supposed to be Siberian hamsters, but they don't look like the two I've had...  anyway, see how the "wild coloring", agouti, is like a grulla, or even a wolf...
link I had to wolf pics is dead now.  :-(



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