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Foal colors

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Duns in their foal coats and maturing



Bred by Mary Haas, of  Haas Horse Farm, this is Spins N Wins, on/born 5/13/06 (left) and at right, as a yearling, she still has her stripes.


Dry Shiney Twist as a newborn, left, and as a yearling, right.  I like this filly's subtle coloring, and the dark areas around her eyes as a yearling.

I rode a long, thrilling trail through Mark Twain National Forest with Mary a few years ago, on one of her (then) 3-year-old fillies.  She was riding a two year old filly.  They both were EXTREMELY well trained!

Sherry Webb sent the list these two pics of her Appaloosa dun filly Dreamy. As a newborn, left.  At right, as a 2 year old.

wpe55.jpg (23629 bytes)

Newborn and later shot of the red dun daughter of Legend of Pride, Punkin, provided by list member Amarugia Horse Farm

wpe57.jpg (13617 bytes)

MVC-019S3.JPG (69570 bytes)

Long-time list member Lylian Thayne's filly, Magic, from The Secret Ranch

Just for fun:  on 7/12/09, long-time list member Mary Haas sent these pics of a beautifully marked foal:

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