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Leg Markings

Stripes, bars, zig-zags, splotches, marbling, mottling, lines... even zippers!  Also, the difference between regular and wild bay with dun.

While some sites emphasize the strongest or most typical markings, my goal is to show the complete *range* of possible markings on dun horses, even to the extremes of stripes all over ("brindle dun") or no visible striping ("stealth dun", as in OSO X, the cremello dun AQHA stallion.)

Shoulder & neck

wpe4A.jpg (32742 bytes)Punkin, a red dun filly by Legend of Pride, of Amarugia Horses.

Holly zippers 1-2-04.JPG (60771 bytes)
Ricki's back legs1.JPG (15112 bytes)Chex legs 11-03-03.JPG (60307 bytes)Sassy back legs 11-03-03.JPG (130249 bytes)Sassy front legs 11-03-03.JPG (93213 bytes)These four photos are from Haas Quarter Horses: Ricki , Holly, Chex and Sassy (front and hind legs, not necessarily in that order).
jenner-hind-leg.jpg (33021 bytes)jenner-foreleg.jpg (8039 bytes)jenner-colt-legs.jpg (36341 bytes)Amy Jenner's recently acquired colt.  She adds that "he has these thumbprint markings in the middle of the back of his ears, the dorsal, great shoulder marking, eye marks.....basically the works."  Hope Haven Farm, Mark and Amy Jenner,15365 Rattlesnake Trail, Ivor, Virginia 23866 -- 757-365-9710 -- HopeHavenFarm@aol.com
009_6a.jpg (321959 bytes)LARGE photo of a dun on bay (Kiger), on which the leg markings are very visible. This is Helena of Steens, a 2 year old Kiger filly owned by Diane Pinney of Spanish Sage Ranch, in California.  Helena is by Kiger Dundee, a grulla, and out of Steens Maria, a zebra dun. 
wpe4C.jpg (13313 bytes)SARITA DEL DUC, Born 4/1/2000, Bred by:  Applegate Kigers Wouldn't it be great if all duns had clearly marked legs like this!
ladybug_forelegs.jpg (100315 bytes)ladybug_leg.jpg (111384 bytes)ladybug_hock.jpg (69033 bytes)Ladybug:  These legs belong to a lovely dun QH mare I met the summer of 2003.  I had hoped to see a lot more of her, as she belongs to an acquaintance, but I haven't.  I hear she has had a bay filly by a black Mustang, now. You can see the unusual dun leg marking in the first photo.  In the second, you can't see it, because her leg barring is encased in black.  If someone saw that photo only, they might say she is "just" a buckskin.  The third photo, of her hocks, shows (barely) an example of "mottling" rather than barring.  I have seen this on forelegs of real red duns, but need to get photos of it.
Roses rear legs.JPG (59451 bytes)Roses_front_legs.JPG (70814 bytes)Sunnitas Rose (Rose), owned by Ivan (Dick) & Mary ("Annita") Blake, ApHC, AQHA, & NFQHA Performance Horses www.wolfrunranch.com 
Notice the thinness of the markings, unlike what is usually called "barring".
More photos coming, I hope, of thinner stripes, zig-zags, and also of marbling or mottling, as on some genuine dun horses I have seen.

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