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Tested Horses

THE LATEST!   ... a bit late.  We are wondering whether there is more than one source of dun markings in horses, and whether only some of them can be detected using UCD's dun markers test.   So, click here to see a stripy filly that tested negative, and two horses from another line of dun-marked horses, which both tested NEGATIVE.  

I'm not even saying there's more than one dun gene ... but that the markers may differ, depending upon through which horses it was passed down.  Of course, we on dungenes@Yahoogroups.com (which had other names before Yahoo took over) have long discussed whether it's a combination of genes, one dominant gene, etc.... those of you on the list for a long time will well remember all of this.  We do not feel there is any conclusion "etched in stone" at this time.

Check back every so often for the latest updates and additions.  If you have something to add, send it to the list (click here to join) or directly to me . If you sent one and it isn't here yet, please drop me a note to remind me.  (It's free publicity!)  -- Thanks.

On this page are pictured horses that have been tested for dun, using the UC Davis "dun markers" test, noting whether the results were negative or positive.  The viewer may then compare overall body color, degree of dilution, sootiness, and markings.

We are not going to comment on dark ear tips or dark ear outlining because those are widely known to occur in many colors other than dun.  If you have doubts, take a look at a few "plain old bays".


Indigo Morgans

Courtesy of Dana Flaherty :

POSITIVE: AMBERFIELDS INDIGO SKYE; Dana Flaherty sent these pictures and information about her mare, tested positive for dun, said to have had no leg barring of any kind, ever.  Ee, aa, crcr, Dd - which makes her a true, pure grulla; 2006 mare by FPS Success Made In Dun x Amberfields October Skye.

Click to see full size.  Overview pics:

Detail pics; click to see full size:

ear tips appear to have light hairs in both of these pics, above
< =unless there really is a light line at the base there seems to be no ear barring here

<= this large picture shows a shaded-looking dorsal, shoulder barring, and a fairly full-face-mask

 <= foreleg appears to have some shading in this picture, but Dana assures us that, in person, there is nothing like that, or the below.

<= she's facing right here; she may have mottling or fine lines, but it's obscured by, and may even be caused by, her general sootiness & dappling.  I once studied a field full of red duns, some of which had "non-barring" leg markings like that.

this foreleg picture, above,  appears to show light areas separating dark areas, like LadyBug's forelegs.  Again, Dana says there is no sign of it "in person".


<= dorsal appears to have some shading in this picture; minimal to no tail frosting. However:

<= hard to believe this is the same rump as above!

<= one could imagine seeing some kind of markings here; a continuation of the overall dappling?

<= the complete absence of markings on her legs as a foal is remarkable, since even many non-dun foals have those!  We all have to keep an open mind, apparently...


These next 3 TWH palomino duns were formerly owned, and tested, by Legacy Spotted Walkers. All tested positive; one has minimal to no markings.  These horses are now owned by Big Sky Walkers.

POSITIVE:   Sunny's Royal Delight: D/N

PEDIGREE: SUNNY Click the one thumbnail to see full size.


      <= Click these bottom two to see full size.

POSITIVE: RAIN DANCING'S NICHOLAS, also from Legacy Spotted Walkers.com: D/N

"Nick" is the most remarkable of these 3, since he has no sign of leg barring and an "on-again, off-again" dorsal stripe. Click to see full size. PEDIGREE: NICK


Big Sky Walkers

...Angela Wallace now has 12 tested duns, including graying palomino duns, and is providing us with examples. All horses tested on her ranch were positive.

POSITIVE: a tobiano TWH colt, Old West Dreamer BSW, whose white markings cancel out every place where a dun would have stripes.  He does seem to have a hint of a "lower face mask", however.  Tested positive.

POSITIVE:  a graying palomino dun TWH stallion, Call Me Double Trouble.

Angela says "his mane was really white and it has turned black" as he grayed.

POSITIVE: tobiano filly, Big Sky We Dun Good

This is the new thumbnail format I'm using on all my web sites, now. My apologies to those with the old format.  I'll have my clone change them all to this format... just kidding.  heh heh

POSITIVE: Big Sky Shez Dun It


POSITIVE: palomino stud colt, Big Sky Dun Trigger

POSITIVE: palomino silver dun stud colt, Big Sky Dun Luck Of The Draw

POSITIVE: stud colt Big Sky Dun Desperodo (sic);  tested Ee, aa, no cream and D/n


Marlene Leroux had a dun-tested AQHA stud colt, below; he has since been sold to Cheryl Van Immerzeel of Colour V Ranch in Vancouver, BC, where you can see more, and more recent, pictures of him.

POSITIVE: a classic grulla stud colt, My Beau Vanzi

2008 American Quarter Horse stud colt; Classic Grulla; AQHA # 5153220  ICHR# pending.  My Beau Vanzi is DNA tested D/d, Ch/ch, E/e, a/a, and so is a proven  classic grulla. He is a grandson of world famous My Skip Vanzi. 

Pamela , a member of the dungenes list, has a filly that tested EeAaDd. This would make her a "basic dun" -- dun on bay.



This first champagne filly was bred by Julie Yatsko of Manitoba, Canada.  Just moved her here from farther up the page where she was out of place! Now... does she go back to Yellow Jacket...?

NEGATIVE: TYRA, champagne foal with some striping, tested negative for the dun gene.  Champagne duns usually have very clear coat color right up to their very distinct, sharp-edged dorsal stripes.   Click to see full size.


These next two, a stallion and his daughter, were provided by Tara Novotny of Arizona, USA, and both tested negative. They do not trace their dun coloring back to Yellow Jacket.

This May 2009 AQHA yearling filly, Cross Bar Classy Gal, was recently sold by Tara to Angie Marques of California.  Her dun coloring has so far only been traced to "Orion", her sire,  just below.  These photos were taken by Carolyn Shepard, president of the ICHR (this filly and her sire are also champagne, in addition to whatever is causing the striping). They are unretouched for authenticity, so you may want to lighten, increase contrast, or gamma-correct to see them clearly.  As usual, click these thumbnail pictures to see them larger.  UPDATE -- at age 2, the filly still has the same markings.

Cooke County Classic ("Orion"), AQHA stallion, sire of mare above.  We don't have concrete information about whether this stallion was ever tested for dun.  He was sold to Canada and died as a result of a pasture accident, so the chances of any more information about him are slim.  These photos are courtesy of Tara, when she owned him.


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