Western and English Riding Instruction
and Hippology, the study of horses

Instructors:  Barbara and Joseph Kostelnik
Assistant: J. Solomon Kostelnik

Working with horses develops many personal qualities that last a lifetime:
self-confidence -- responsibility -- kindness -- fitness --
 physical and emotional wellness --- plus, it's so much fun!


Balanced Seat

Forms for Horsemanship Students & Families

When printing these forms, be sure to print any with two sides on BOTH SIDES of ONE SHEET to avoid future confusion.  Thank you!

The first thing you will need to do when you arrive is to make sure you have a legal release form on file.  You can get that done ahead of time, but if you do, please read the instructions on the form carefully. 

Every person who will be there, whether they are taking lessons or not,

  •   must have their names printed in the first part 

  •   if they are over 18 they must sign the back

  •   ALL PARENTS OR LEGAL GUARDIANS of any child under 18 must sign the back, whether they will be at the barn or not

All of the forms have clear instructions on them.

Thank you!

Here is a copy of Ohio's equine activity liability law:



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CONTACT INFO: you may EMAIL or PHONE Barbara at 513-385-6735 (or text at 513-356-2817)
The stable is on Blue Rock Road, which is named after Blue Rock Creek,
replete with slate and shale, which is more or less ... "Blue"!