SUPER*-natural Horsemanship
Western and English Riding Instruction
and Hippology, the study of horses

Instructor:  Rev. Barbara A. Kostelnik, Th.M.
"Miss Barb" is a showcased Cincinnati, OH horseback
riding lessons instructor on!
Assistant instructor: Rev. Joseph Kostelnik, Ph.D.

Working with horses develops many qualities that last a lifetime:
self-confidence -- responsibility -- kindness -- fitness -- gratitude --
 physical and emotional wellness --- plus, it's so much fun!

The Balanced Seat

The Lessons

"Have it Your Way"

"Miss Barb" teaches the Balanced Seat,
which is a wonderful foundation for Western Pleasure, Contests, Hunt Seat (and jumping) and Dressage styles, or "just" Trail Riding.  It's also known as the Independent Seat. 

This means that you can remain seated securely on the horse without hanging on to the saddle, mane or reins.  The reins are for communicating with the horse, only, and should never be used to maintain one's balance, anyway.

We supply English or Western tack, the horse, and the use of a fitted helmet. We also keep on hand a supply of long, thin socks, gloves, neck scarves and knitted hats. See "what to wear" in the "Safety" section of the manual.

Barbara and Joseph Kostelnik both teach horse handling and care, English and Western tack use & care, barn-keeping, safety, etc.   "Pastor Joe" also teaches Frank Bell's "7 Step Safety System".

"Miss Barb" has always provided her students with a paper "manual".  Some years, an attractive, durable vinyl binder, with the mounted student's photo on the front, is included.  Here, on this web site, you can now access some of this same information, which was formerly only available to registered, in-person students and their families.

  1. Safety

  2. The Balanced Seat

  3. Introduction to Horsemanship

  4. Preparation, tack and care

  5. Mounting

  6. Dismounting

  7. English AND Western

    1. emergency procedures (one-rein stop, emergency dismount)
    2. English walk, trot, canter, turns, bending, halt, and back
    3. Western walk, jog, lope, turns, rollbacks, stop and back
    4. trail riding (instruction only)
    5. introduction to jumping
    6. barrel racing
    7. pole bending
    8. other contests (flag race, catalog race, etc.)
  8. Hippology

  9. Advanced Riding (see A-H, above)

  10. Horse Shows

Now that lessons have resumed, if you are interested in visiting the farm, you can be ready in advance by printing and filling out a release form!  For students under 18, both parents or legal guardians must sign.  If bringing friends, they or their parents or legal guardians (if minors) must have one also.

If you print on two pages, you must sign and date each page.

Here is a copy of Ohio's equine liability law:  OHIO

Have it your way!

  •   You can be an average riding student, and go home and forget half of what you learned during your lesson, and then you'll have to learn those things all over again next time, before you can move on; or…

  •   You can be a great riding student, and come back for your next lesson even BETTER than you leave here today, ready to go on to the next level!

To be an average riding student:

Just leave, and forget about horsemanship

until your next lesson.

To be a great riding student:

Talk to your family and others about,

and spend some time thinking about,

what you've learned each day;


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The stable is on Blue Rock Road, which is named after Blue Rock Creek.
It and the Taylor Creek tributary that flows through the land at the barn are
replete with slate and shale, which is more or less ... "Blue"!

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