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Light Black
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"Light Black"

This page refers to horses that have been DNA color tested and "should look black", but don't.

We know of several types of "light black color behavior"  in horses that test E_, aa, crcr (solid black with no cream gene):

  1. Some look brown all over, all of the time.  (not the agouti color "seal brown" but the generic color brown -- brown to the eye.)

  2. Others have black points but their bodies never look black, but rather they look like bays, buckskins or duns.

  3. Then there is the "fading black" classification where the horse grows every coat (seasonally) pure black, but within weeks or months it fades drastically to brown or even tan.

  4. Apparently the Appaloosa (leopard) complex genes often cause a lightening of black pigment.

  5. Some horses with the silver gene do not present with the typical flaxen mane & tail, and the skin remains a dark shade of pink

This section will concentrate on the first type.  Most have blue eyes at birth and in many if not all cases the irises remain a light (golden or tan) color.


Links to pages about individual "light black" horses are above, left.

Below are two horses which have not yet been DNA tested to eliminate all known dilution genes.  Until I find a better place for them, I'll include them in "light black", here.

A young PRE; picture provided by Celeste Plitz. Apparently there will be no further information available about this horse, as the source has been lost.

Dutch Draft horse foal:


Above:  Dam is a roaned bay, sire is bay. Pictures provided by its owner, through Mariska Doorn-Komen-Van, who writes that the owners have noticed that:

  •   "The skin around the eyes and anus etc. was pink at birth, and is turned black
    now Also the base of the tail is turning darker now

  •   "There is a black ring growing on the outside of the iris that looked to
    get bigger

  •  "The hooves are white, also the hard parts next to the knees on the
    inside are white" (the chestnuts)

Her sire:   (With) her dam:  



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