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Revolutionary facts you'll discover:

  •  A natural exercise method we've all been almost doing for years!

  •  A fitness regimen requiring NO APPARATUS of any kind!

  •  A principle advocated by one of the strongest men who ever lived!

  •  Only 57 minutes total workout time in the seven-week program!

  •  Fascinating Facts about: Food, Fasting & Fitness!

  •  A simple breathing exercise that will help you lose weight, FAST!

  •  Tips on incorporating Vibrocise with your favorite sport!

Book Features:

  •  Over 50 pages!

  •  Full color photos of all the exercises!


Shouldn't YOU try VIBROCISE!?

US$3 - eBook (PDF)

This book is currently available only in electronic form (pdf eBook).

The file is approximately 2MB (megabytes).  Some Internet or email providers may block attachments, or those over a certain size.  To purchase, click the "Buy Now" button, above, or send $3 via PayPal to the email address  . 
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